We reserve Tuesdays to share stories from  some of our grant recipients.  May you be blessed by their stories….


More than a decade ago my wife, Cindy, was strongly cautioned by her doctors against getting pregnant because of medical reasons.  Since this warning we have considered expanding our family through adoption and we now have decided that this is the time.   

Through our experience serving at a Peruvian orphanage on two summer mission trips through Windsor Road Christian Church we have gained a special heart for the older children who are living without parents. We desire to give an older orphan the unlikely chance to be welcomed into a lifetime family. 

Beginning just days after our first mission trip and during the course of the next year, we more thoroughly educated ourselves about adoption and carefully considered the life-changing ramifications of welcoming an older child from Peru into our family.  After much prayer, counsel with respected Christians in our lives, discussions with many internationally adoptive families, and reading books about cross-cultural adoption, we agreed that the Lord was leading us to pursue bringing nine-year-old Brigitte into our family. 

From the day we arrived at the orphanage on our second trip to Peru, each of the four of us interacted quite a lot with Brigitte and thoroughly enjoyed our time together.  Over the course of the nine-day visit, we played games with Brigitte, held her on our laps, sand-boarded on the dunes, laughed with her, rolled in the grass with her, and gave her plenty of hugs.  Although we feel like we are just beginning to get to know Brigitte, as a family we felt like we each connected well with her.  As parents, we were able to imagine the joy and privilege of taking on the lifetime responsibility of being a loving mother and father to Brigitte, and helping her see the beauty of Jesus as we teach her to love and live for Christ.  Although as parents we have a myriad of things we need to impart to our children throughout their lives, this is the most important.  

Since our return from Peru, our desires and sense of the Holy Spirit’s leading to invite Brigitte to be part of our family have only strengthened, and we are now very close to traveling to pick her up.  We have been amazed how God has provided the funding we needed to make all this happen.  He has used Katelyn's fund, many of our friends, and even people we do not know to bless us with the opportunity to bring Brigitte into our family. As Christian parents, we consider it a joy and privilege to take on the lifetime responsibility of being a loving mother and father to another young girl.  Thanks to all who have made this possible!