We reserve Tuesdays to share stories from  some of our grant recipients.  May you be blessed by their stories….


               Our journey in building our family has continued to be one of surprise and joy.   It was only 7 months ago when Sharon and I were talking about adoption again, having adopted a beautiful little girl 2 years earlier.   Believing that God was leading us to once again grow our family and share His story of love with another child, we had only started talking about updating our home study when Sharon “stumbled” on a little boy who had been waiting for a family for 2 years.   We weren’t planning on actually doing anything about adoption yet, we were only talking!   But this little boy was lodged into our hearts.   It became clear that his need for a family and our families desire to grow would be a great match.   We followed God’s heart and began the process of bringing him into our family.   Being just in the “talking” stage of adopting, we found ourselves quickly needing to gets updates done, applications files, appointments made, and money found!   We had heard of Katelyn’s Fund online.   Then on Labor Day weekend while attending a local Christian music festival, Sharon “stumbled” on Katelyn’s Fund’s booth in the vendor area.   She found staff that welcomed her story of adoption and embraced her in prayer right at that moment.   It was an unbelievable breath of fresh air and encouragement for us as we were working to get our adoption on track in many ways.   Katelyn’s Fund, at that moment, went from being an online presence to being an in-life touch of God’s Kingdom in our life.   We have been blessed with the gift of funding from them.   But in such a profound way, we have been blessed with the touch of caring and loving believers who continue to hold our growing family in prayer.   We thank God for such great gifts that have been delivered through the love and obedience of His people.

We are currently waiting for a court date and hope to bring our son home this spring.