Testimony Tuesday is dedicated to the stories of our grant recipients.  May you be encouraged by their stories…

“We say we trust God. Are you ready to live that out?”

Those were the words my husband asked me in the fall. We had just found out that his position had been cut after 21 years of service. We have four children to support, relying on his one income as I homeschooled the children, and we were in the middle of an adoption. For our adoption, we had counted on his job and the $5000 adoption credit that came with it.

Was I ready? To be honest, I struggled quite a bit. It was far easier to trust God when I felt like I had some sort of control. It was easy to say it. It was far harder to live out that faith and have to totally trust God—with our finances, with our children, and with our adoption.

We began the journey of walking out our faith—knowing that we heard Him tell us to adopt again and knowing that He would provide—for our lives and for our adoption. “How?” was the big question!

We had applied for a grant with Katelyn’s Fund when we were still employed having no idea what was down the road. After our situation changed we updated them with our situation and later had the opportunity to share with them by phone our story and our hearts. We were very moved to have the board members ask “How can we pray for you?” and to have each of them pray individually for us and our child.

About a week later, I stood at the stove feel very discouraged. My husband walked in and I asked him, “Did we hear wrong? Would we have gone this far if it was not to be?” Greg chuckled and replied “Katelyn’s Fund just called. They are awarding us a grant and said they felt we needed affirmation in our adoption and they wanted to affirm it.” God used Katelyn’s Fund that to give me peace and encouragement. I was blown away by the timing!

Fast forward a couple of months. Greg is now in a job that lines up with his heart. He works with our regional food bank procuring the food that they need. Looking back, we can now see that God was on the move in our lives to make them better.

We are near the top of the ‘list’ for our adoption and are waiting for that special call! We are all excited to see who God has decided to place in our family.

We are very thankful for Katelyn’s Fund. Not only for the financial provision they provided, but also for the care and encouragement we received from them as brothers and sisters and Christ. We are encouraged and comforted knowing that, as we wait, they are continuing to pray for us by name.

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