Paul & Laura Wilson

Children: Asher Emerick (3), Kai Daniel Wilson (2) (expected to join our family May/June 2016)

Church: Calvary Baptist Church, Easton, Pennsylvania

Our story of adoption is one of loss giving way to life. After our first son was born, we excitedly started to dream about what our family would look like. We dreamed of our family of four kids, two years apart, all with personality traits and appearances that resembled us. As we began our journey of secondary infertility, the dream we built began to crumble. Secondary infertility was hard. My desire for more children grew stronger and stronger, yet reaching my dream seemed like it was slipping farther away. God had been growing in Paul a heart for adoption. When Paul approached me, I felt unfit to adopt. But God began to make it clear that He was calling us to adopt. He confirmed in my heart that I don’t have what it takes to adopt. He has what it takes. He will give us the grace we need to face whatever comes. With confirmation of God moving in our family, we threw ourselves into the adoption process.  And at every turn, God has been faithful. He has made it clear that we are to adopt a waiting child from China, a two-year old boy with hydrocephalus and a brain tumor.

Biblical Counselor David Powlison says, “We have good reason to be afraid, but we have even greater reasons not to fear.” I have clung to this truth so many times throughout our journey. Adoption is scary. It’s terrifying to adopt a child with the kind of health needs I prayed we would never have to face. The financial needs of adoption are overwhelming. As I think on these things, God graciously reminds me that these things are scary, but we have even greater reasons not to be afraid.

Words cannot describe our gratitude for Katelyn’s Fund. We were offered a Skype interview with their team. Our conversation with them came at a time of feeling overwhelmed and burdened by our adoption journey. As they listened to our heart for adoption, our fears and sense of our own inadequacies and brokenness, they spoke life-giving words of hope, encouragement and truth. We felt a kindred spirit with them. They spent many minutes in prayer for us. They prayed for us in ways that we didn’t know how to pray for ourselves. We were immeasurably blessed by our interaction. We were so humbled by the generosity of their financial support. The financial support is helping us bring Kai home quickly.

We could not do this alone. God uses His people in remarkable ways to remind us of the great reasons not to fear. Their prayer, spiritual encouragement and financial support are an incredibly significant part of our journey– a story of God’s faithfulness, goodness, and love. A story that we will get to tell for years to come. The best thing about being a part of a story you never would have wanted to be part of is knowing that God is authoring something beautiful.


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