Brock & Kimberly Sombke

Children: Lily (18), Zeke (6), Ryker (5), and Kreed (2)

Church: First Covenant Church in Willmar, MN


We are Brock and Kimberly Sombke, and we live with our 4 biological children in Willmar, Minnesota.  After our youngest child (2 years old currently, with PKU) was born, we started to talk about adoption. We wondered if there were children with PKU (domestically or internationally) that needed homes. Knowing that we have the necessary knowledge and resources, we began to pursue avenues to make adoption possible. We decided in June of 2015 that if this is the path God wants for us, doors will open. And they did! When we inquired about Zou Yuan Hang, we were told that no one else was really interested and China was wanting his file returned soon. We prayed and talked and decided that we could give this boy the necessary treatment for PKU, unconditional love, and a place of belonging in our home. We believe it’s truly our mission to help others, and we want our biological children (and Zou Yuan Hang) to see that we will make sacrifices to help others, regardless of their color or nationality.

In August of 2015, we knew we may not be granted preapproval for this adoption from Chinabased on our insufficient yearly gross income. We were preapproved, however, and we believe that Zou Yuan Hang deserves a family where he is loved unconditionally and has a place to truly belong.

This beautiful boy has the same rare, metabolic condition as our biological kids. Patients with PKU are missing the enzyme that correctly processes phenylalanine (found mostly in protein), and if not receiving the proper restricted diet, the excess phenylalanine builds up in his/her body and eventually in the brain, leading to seizures, the inability to focus, headaches, irreversible brain damage and mental retardation. Patients who follow their restricted diet (including prescribed daily formula with synthetic protein void of phenylalanine) can lead normal, healthy lives. We know that we can provide Zou Yuan Hang with the care that he needs since two of our biological children also have PKU. We ensure that they follow their restricted diet, including formula 3 times per day, and we test their phenylalanine levels from home biweekly to ensure healthy “phe” levels. We also visit the metabolic disorders clinic twice yearly for checkups, and the care team there is in communication with our children’s pediatrician. We are grateful that medical insurance covers our children’s PKU needs. It’s our goal that Zou Yuan Hang will follow the same path, and we are so grateful that this condition is treatable.

We are currently awaiting travel approval from China and will travel in March to bring home , Ben Zou Gerald  Sombke! Thank you so much for your financial support; Katelyn’s Fund is such a blessing to us.
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