The Haoyung and Jenny Chien Family

Children – Stephen (6),  ShenaLi Xie (Little Li) (8)

Church – The Bridge Church in West Palm Beach, Florida

We are the Chien family and we are excited to share the journey of faith our family has been on in the past year!  In the spring of 2014 my husband and I began pursuing and praying about adoption, which is something that has been on our hearts for quite some time.  When discussing adoption, we felt called to an Asian nation as my husband can speak both Taiwanese and Mandarin.  The more we reviewed each country, the more we discovered a pressing need in China. 
Through online advocacy boards, we learned of a little girl, “Little Li” waiting for a family in China.  We found out she was eligible to participate in a orphan hosting program for a month at Christmas.  We applied were excited to welcome Little Li into our home for a month during the holidays.

We hoped our family would be a blessing to Little Li, but instead she has been a blessing to us.  Our time with her was nothing short of amazing.  Little Li has the most generous and joyful spirit.  Each and every person that interacted with her stated what a “sweet” girl she was. In our time with her, we got to experience the enjoyment of cooking meals together, going for walks, attending the circus, taking trips to the beach, biking on local trails, and experiencing the fun of a local amusement park.  The most amazing thing is that Little Li just “fit” into our family.  She loves the outdoors, eating grapes, and can make us all laugh with her non-stop jokes.  Our time with her went by far too quickly.  Since she has returned to China, it feels like there is a hole in our family and we all miss her terribly.  Our whole family (my husband, our 6 year old son Stephen, and I) are in agreement that adopting Little Li is God’s plan for our family.

We are excited to announce that we will be traveling to China in early September and will be with Little Li in China to celebrate her 8th birthday!  We are thrilled that she will not have to experience another birthday without the love of her family.

We want express our gratitude to the generous support of the Katelyn’s Fund Board.  Due to your generosity, we have been able to complete our adoption without debt and without exhausting our savings.  We are happy we will be able to put these funds towards needed medical care for Little Li.

This process has been an incredible faith journey for our family.  We trust that the Lord has an amazing plan for our family and for the life of Little Li!  Thank you for your support and prayers!

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