Evan & Ruthanne McRae Family

Church: 9th and O Baptist Church, Louisville, KY


While we have always wanted to adopt, we never imagined that we would be adopting from Kyrgyzstan. We always had our hearts set on adopting from China or somewhere in Africa. However, through God closing those doors for different reasons, we found the door to Kyrgyzstan opening. While Kyrgyzstan is a relatively new and very expensive program, it was evident that He was telling us to proceed. A few years ago, He was also telling us to move overseas. After two years in India, we are now living and working in London. With the limited income we have as missionaries, we have felt very overwhelmed by the cost of adopting from Kyrgyzstan. We applied for a Katelyn’s Fund grant and had a skype call. One night, I was sitting down at the computer looking at our budget and feeling very overwhelmed (like a panic attack). I immediately began to pray, reminding myself that God would take care of us. At the end of my prayer I heard the sound of an incoming email, only to see that Katelyn’s Fund had approved us for a grant. I immediately emailed to thank them and communicated how much the Lord had used them in that moment to remind me of His faithfulness. We cannot begin to express how thankful we are for Katelyn’s Fund and the work that they do. We have not yet received a referral for our two kids, but even as I write this am reminded that His timing and faithfulness are unparalleled.