Jon & Christella Hudson

Children: Grace 10; Samantha 9; Lily 9; Myley 6; Oliver 5; Freddy 4; Kalli 3

Church: Macedonia Baptist Church, Owensboro, KY

Adoption was a concept first introduced in my life when I lost my father at 17.  Shortly before his unexpected death, I met my (future) wife and her parents.  They welcomed me into their home, helped me through college and the beginning of my Marine Corps career.  I saw them living out the love of Christ for someone who had no biological relation.  A second major event that shaped both my wife and I as Christians and our hearts for adoption happened on a mission trip to aid orphanages in El Salvador.  It was life-changing.  God used the things we saw and learned to deeply impact our hearts, forever changing how our family lives and serves.  In particular, our service there with special needs children gave us an experience we had never had before.  We saw beyond “special needs” to the living, breathing lives behind them.  When we married, we were comfortable with the idea of 1 or 2 children  . . . now we are growing to 7!  Three of our children were adopted; two just came home in 2014!  We love children, most especially the little ones God has given us the responsibility of raising and discipling.  God has burdened us particularly for children in orphanages, and with so many out there without families, why shouldn’t we do everything we can?  This time He has led us to older, often overlooked children.  He is blessing us by allowing us to be the parents of two amazing 9-year-old girls.  Before God led us to one of our daughters, she knew it was time for an adoption file update.  She began crying and asserted, “No one will ever want me.”  We desire to teach both these girls, soon to be Samantha and Lily, that they have always been children of God and they are both wanted!  Adoption is expensive.  Our costs to bring our daughters home is beyond what we earn in a year.  But we are doing whatever it takes – 16 fundraisers to date, selling material possessions, part-time jobs, and applying for grants are some of the steps we have taken.  God has been AMAZING in His provision, and it would never be possible without organizations like Katelyn’s Fund.  There is something extra special about this group, as was evident when we participated in our interview.  Your board members expressed genuine care for our family, and we know you are praying us through!  What a blessing!  Thank you so much for caring enough to move to action, for being willing to reach out beyond your church and community to families all over the US.  Thank you for pouring over applications and making tough decisions.  Thank you for your generosity.  Thank you for your prayers. Love is not biological.  It is a choice.  That is how we live.  We love because HE first loved us, and we choose not to forget the innocent little children that God loves so much.