Nathan and Melissa Scheele

Church: Evangelical Free Church of Willmar, Wilmer MN

Children: Chloe-8;  Elsie-3


After we got married, we quickly learned that there was a very good chance that we would never have our own biological children. We cried out to God and through this difficult time, He first put the idea of adoption on our hearts. But, God blessed us with our first biological daughter (via infertility treatments) three years after we got married. Almost 5 years after the birth of Chloe, God made the “impossible” happen and we got pregnant naturally!  After the birth of Elsie, we knew we were done having biological children. BUT…God had put the idea of adoption to the forefront of my (Melissa’s) mind. Nathan knew that adoption was in our future, but financially…NO WAY. I am a stay-at-home mom and he is a bible teacher at a Christian school. However, God aligned our hearts in His time. We didn’t know how it was going to happen financially, but God was calling us to adopt 2 boys from Haiti.

I told one of my dear friends and she said, “I think everyone should be a part of something only God can do!” Yes, if this was going to happen, God was going to have to do His thing because on our own this was mission impossible! But all we had to do was have the $695 to apply and we would just take it one step at a time. If God was really behind this, He would provide. Our first confirmation that this was of God AND that He would take care of the financial end of things was the very afternoon that we decided we were going to move forward with the adoption process, Nathan went golfing with a friend. His friend handed him a check for $250 and said, “God told me to give you this and start giving you $250 every month for at least a year or so.” WHAT? SERIOUSLY? Nathan told him that we had just decided to start the process to adopt that morning. He didn’t seem surprised, even though he had no idea adoption was even on our radar, because he knows God and that is what God does!

Needless to say, God has been providing every step of the way! Katelyns Fund has been one of the ways that God has provided a way for us to bring home our boys! They are partners with us in this journey! They are praying for us and our boys! We haven’t encountered such a personal involvement in our adoption journey than the one we have with Katelyns Fund! We are so thankful for their support and encouragement! We cannot wait to bring our boys home! We haven’t been matched yet, but we know that God had plans for them to be a part of our family before the creation of the world! We can’t wait to tell them all the ways that God used other people, people we didn’t even know, to bring them home! Praise the Lord!