We would like to share the stories of some of our grant recipients.  Enjoy and be encouraged as you hear their stories.



kroeze1 kroeze2Going through the adoption process for the second time hadn’t really been on our radar before we began the process in September 2012. Our daughter, Larkin, was 16 months old and keeping us busy. Although we knew we would adopt again in the future, we had thought we would wait until Larkin was a little older. However, we have learned to trust in God’s timing, and listen to His call to care for the orphan. After a few months of  paperwork and home study visits, we became a waiting family for a domestic adoption. As with all adoptions, there were ups and down throughout the waiting process, but we knew God was preparing our hearts for the child he had chosen for us. In April we were chosen by a birth mother, and on July 16, 2013 we welcomed our newest daughter, Lola Renne, into our family. Although the birth mother was told she was having a boy, God surely has a sense of humor as we were blessed (and surprised!) with another beautiful girl. We were instantly in love with her, and we can’t imagine life without Lola. We are amazed and humbled with God’s plan for our family, and the children he has entrusted to us. We have been blessed in so many ways with the prayer, financial and relational support we have received throughout our adoption process. A big part of that blessing has come from the all-around support we received and continue to receive from Katelyn’s Fund. The power of prayer was dramatically reinforced to us as the board members prayed with us during our interview. As we had been unsure of where God was calling us adopt from, God answered specific prayers as we got matched just days later. Thank you, Katelyn’s Fund, for blessing our family, and so many others.