We would like to share the stories of some of our grant recipients.  Enjoy and be encouraged as you hear their stories.


The Lord has been so very generous in allowing us to partner with Him in the process of taking care of His little ones.  We’ve been blessed with five beautiful children, four of whom are adopted. We have three children from China (Lily, 11, Jadon, 11, and Grace, 7), a daughter from Ukraine (Yana, 14) and a homegrown son (Adam, 13). Each one is amazing in his/her own way and we love being their parents!

God has children all over the world, but we have had a heavy burden for India.  We have spent the last year, attempting  to adopt an 11 year old girl from that county that has 35 million orphans.  God turned our hearts to India while we were in the process of adopting our youngest daughter, Grace. We found out about a Christian special needs orphanage in India and got in contact with the director of the orphanage. In 2010, Sarah and our daughter, Lily, visited this orphanage. While there, we met the precious girl whom we hoped to adopt.

Unfortunately, India has restrictions on family size and they recently told us that we would not be able to adopt this child.  We tried every possible avenue in order to adopt this beautiful girl, but India would not budge in their decision. We finally had to lay down our dream of adopting from India, though we continue to pray for this special girl, as well as praying for breakthrough for adoptions from India, in general.  We have been seeking out another family for her, and believe that God will bring about a miracle in her life.

Though we were heartbroken for this child, we believed that God was asking us to consider another little one. So with the experience that we have had with China, as well as the great need (there are 50 million orphans in China), God lead us to a precious 8 year old boy.  We received our pre-approval in six days and are now in the process of gathering all of the documents that we need to travel to China and bring home our new son.  What a blessing!

We began pursuing a grant with Katelyn’s fund after David had an unexpected business loss a few months ago. It is wonderful how the Lord can use a negative situation and turn it into a blessing. Our experience with Katelyn’s Fund has been amazing.  We have been so blessed by the hearts of everyone at Katelyn’s Fund. During our phone interview, we had a wonderful time of prayer in which we sensed the pushing back of darkness that causes so many of these children to be where they are. It was clear that those on the grant committee truly wanted to know our hearts and to encourage us in our relationship with the Lord.  What a blessing to experience this kind of fellowship, as we seek to follow the Lord in this adoption. 

We are so thankful to Katelyn’s Fund for the work that they are doing. We are encouraged to know that they will continue in the Lord’s work as they partner with others who hear God’s call to care for His children.