This past week my brother and I were in a custom motorcycle shop in Long Beach, California, surrounded by the sights and sounds of various people and machines producing mechanical works of art. As I looked around the facility at the workers and employees working on crafting these mechanical marvels, I noticed that most, if not all, of the workers had tattoos peaking out from underneath their clothing.

While I doubt that I would ever get a tattoo (more than a mild fear of needles), I want the things in this world that I love the most pouring out from under my thoughts and actions, showing proudly where I stand.
I want the world to see that emblazoned on my chest are the words, ‘Til Life’ and ‘Til Death’.  When people ask what that means, I can simply explain that these are the vows that I have to God and to my wife. I know that this world is only temporary and that when I pass away, I will become truly alive when I become united with my Savior. And until then, I will love my wife as Christ has loved me.
I would get my arms “sleeved” (covered by tattoos) of my children’s names so that they know that they are never apart from me, that they are always a part of me. I would have prayers surrounding their names, prayers that I can easily look down and read aloud should I need to encourage, teach, or praise them. I would weave in those things that remind me of them, of images and colors and songs.
Our thoughts and actions define us. What tattoos do you have pouring out from under your clothes?