Does anyone else feel a constant pull to give more and do more when you hear popular christian music singing about taking the orphan’s hand, how God created me to do something for the hurting in the world, etc?  To not wait for someone else to do what God has called me to do myself…..and on and on.  There is so much good faith-based popular music presently that nudges Christians to help and bless and give and move from the place of complacency.  Praise the Lord for it, really.  Praise Him for helping us all look beyond our idea of a perfect family and/or classroom, community, world….and be willing to “go there”.  

Feeling pulled to the need of the orphan, the fatherless, the neglected and hurting is tough.  Like many out there, I already feel maxed out, as a mom and wife and professional nurse….and yet the awareness never leaves, does it?  I like Christian radio.  The songs play on and on and on….and I pray and I worship and I hear and I wonder how much more there is to do, and how much more I can participate in the task.

If I turn off the radio, I might hear the Lord tell me to “Be still….and know that I am God”, or I might hear him convict me of sin, or affirm me in my day.  There must be balance in what I hear on the radio, which fills me up and nudges me onward….and what I hear in the silence.  I do so love the silence.

Sometimes, in the silence, if I have quieted my soul long enough, I can hear this.  God will tell me when he wants me to move and he will hold his hand upon my heart and mind when he wants me to stay.  He will create restless in me when it is time to pay attention for change.  He will breathe almost audible sighs over me when it is not time for change.  I am to be willing for change to come, but also willing to be in this place for whatever time I am to be still….and know (or remember, or learn fresh) that I(he) is God……and not me.

Today, without Christian music playing, causing me to wonder what my next call will be……before I open the book I am reading about the missionary Heidi Baker….and before the sleeping kids wake from a nap and the school age kids are done for the week… this particular moment I hear this.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.  Praise Him all creatures here below.  Praise Him above ye heavenly host…..praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  A………men.