I have great news to write about today! Last Feb 25th I wrote a blog (Quiet care and silent mercy) reflecting on how the long wait in my sister’s adoption was difficult. How I struggled to understand why God was letting the process of her family being chosen and a new child coming into their forever family to be taking so long.

Well today I get to tell the beautiful story, that only God would write, of her new daughter! Kylee Grace joined my sister’s family just over 2 weeks ago officially. She is a smilely, giggly little 10 month old. Her birth mom had an adoption plan from birth but struggled to carry it out at that time. Now 10 months later after trying to be the mom Kylee needed, she was able to follow through on her loving and courageous decision to give her 2nd child the life she needs. It is a story of two families coming together to meet the needs of an innocent baby. It is a local open adoption with endless possibilities of redemption in a very hard and broken situation. The timing and the details in the adoption all point boldly and unquestionably to God and His sovereign plan!


September 6t was my sister’s birthday she was during 35. It was also going to be the first day in 8 years that she did not have a child in her home during the day to care for. It was a bitter sweet thought as she looked ahead to that day when her 3 children would all be in school and she would be waiting for God to lead her to work or to keep waiting for an adoption to take place. But as God had it planned she didn’t have to worry about what she would do with her days because Kylee came right on time! Kylee got placed in my sister’s arms the morning she put her youngest on the bus for Kindergarten! Oh course there was still the 7 day window for birthmom to change her mind. Those 7 days of trusting the Lord and looking for His will to be done was definitely time of leaning hard into the peace and comfort only Jesus can give! Kylee’s name is significant because my sister’s other daughter’s names are Kaylee and Rylee J Just seems like the perfect fit to add Kylee to the mix! The process of bonding is happening so much more smoothly then any of us thought it would for a 10 month old. She has quickly adjusted to her new home and her forever parents. My sister is slowly building a relationship with her birthmom and it seems natural and comfortable for both of them.


Oh and I am sure I am just scratching the surface of all the details God has worked out and will continue to go before them in! I am overjoyed to have a new niece who has a story of redemption that points us to the Gospel. I am thrilled that God saw fit to have her race be that of two of my adoptive children so that they have a cousin that looks more like them. I am grateful my sister and I can walk alongside each other in yet another parallel path as adoptive moms with transracial families.

If it isn’t obvious yet, I couldn’t be happier for my sister’s family! I love my sister dearly. She is my best friend and her vulnerability to me and her availability to God has changed me and pointed to Jesus! I am grateful for this long but more then worth it journey I got to begin with her (oh and I will for sure keep on the journey!).