There is a new brand of super hero.  She is responsible, she is Spirit-led.  She is ready for the worst and always hoping for the best.  She understands need and supply and demand….and sorrow…..and justice.  She is the Christian Foster Mom.  I don’t think there is a braver soul on Earth than a Christian foster mom.  She does the work to prepare her heart, her home, her family, her friends.  When called upon, she says yes and then starts a domino effect of heart ache, love, loss and celebration over and over and over again.  She does her job quietly.  She is a warrior.  A forgiver.  A redeemer.  A mother.


Today, I am lifting up the super hero foster moms in America who love Jesus so much that they will sacrifice all of their most personal and private stuff to love a hurting child.  Or two.  Or more.  Jesus.  Give these super-heros your strength and joy and peace and provision.  Give them your best gifts to do this best job…..and please, Jesus, help the rest of us to see what they need and help keep them from drowning…….they need our help and our love and our yes and amen so much.