Today is Mother’s Day. First off, to all of you moms and grandmother’s out there, thank you. Thank you for being the amazing blessing that you are. I pray that God blesses you in a special way today through the actions of your family and friends.

Conveying gratitude on this subject is like trying to ask a lowly kazoo to recreate a full orchestra: words just simply do not go deep enough. How do you put into action this rawest of emotions that you feel for the one who nurtured us as we struggled to find our way? God showed us the ultimate definition of love through a weekend that involved involved a cross, thorns, nails, blood, and a spear. His ultimate sacrifice gives us hope for the future. But it was only through actions that he could express that love.

Think about the first time you held your child. Did you craft some eloquent prose about the moment? Not me; I cried and sobbed and held my beautiful daughter as close as possible. My actions, coupled with the words that I muttered, became my symphony.

Some may be wondering why I entitled my post Power Ballads. On Cinderella’s 1994 album "Still Climbing", there is a song called, "Hard to Find the Words." The song works hard to capture the relationship between a boy and his mom, recognizing that there were good times, bad times, times when they did not see eye to eye. But through it all, the thing that remained constant was love. Sounds familiar.

The last line of the chorus is this," Thank you for the love, mama. It’s what made this boy a man." I couldn’t put it any better.

Happy Mother’s Day!