Orphan Sunday began in a small Zambian church some years ago when a pastor called the people in his congregation to care for the orphans in their community.  By the end of the church service, people (who were also in great need) stepped forward to put their own shoes on the altar before leaving the church that day.  Bold gestures such as those ignited a passion around the world. 

Today Orphan Sunday is celebrated by churches, church ministries, organizations, families, and individuals throughout the US and in over 24 countries worldwide.  On November 6, all these people will come together through various activities and events to honor what God is doing in the lives of the fatherless. (Psalm 10:14)  It is a day to consider what He is calling each of us to do to help care for children separated from their parents for no fault of their own.

Here are ways you can get involved and the tools to make it easy!

THE ORPHAN’S TABLE – The Orphan’s Table is designed to bring together families, small groups and/or church members so you can share a unique experience in the life of an orphan.  It is our hope that you will be led to prayer, worship and stirring conversations around your dinner table as we bring you this meal served daily to thousands of orphans around the world.  Order by October 14!

LIVE FROM KANSAS CITY – This one-hour webcast event will connect believers worldwide in GUIDED PRAYER for the fatherless, along with WORSHIP led by Jon Egan of the Desperation Band.  LIVE from Kansas City will be webcast live on the Orphan Sunday website on November 6, 2011, at 6 PM Central Time.

PARTNERSHIP PACKAGES – Feeling like your resources are all tapped out?  Consider partnering with a trusted, Christian Alliance member organization for Orphan Sunday!  Partnership Packages are designed for churches with modest, limited, or stretched-to-capacity resources.  Organizations have ideas and already developed plans that will enable a church to engage in Orphan Sunday with little effort.  Grab a cup of coffee and peruse your selection of ideas by clicking to our collection of Partnership Packages.

RESOURCES – And speaking of resources…  Here you’ll find everything you need to plan your own activity/event or augment a Partnership Package.  Downloadable videos are a perfect way to engage your church.  Consider adding an Orphan Sundayinsert to your weekend bulletin.  Will sermon notes give you a head start?  Maybe you just want to increase your church family’s awareness of the triumphs and trials of adoption through a study…  These tools and more are available for your choosing and use.

OUR GOD IS BIG! – See for yourself the good work our Lord is already revealing through the thousands of hands and hearts of those pursuing His heart for the fatherless.  Ephesians 3:20  Daily activities and events are being posted on our world map – everything from foster care outreaches to global orphan fundraisers.  Through His Church great things will be done.  Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of Orphan Sunday, 2011!