“For nothing will be impossible with God…” How easy it is to anchor into those words of truth and proclaim them unrelentingly — that is, until we’re navigating through our own battlefield of seeing an “impossibility” come to pass. I find myself in that place today.

$600 – that’s what it takes to run the OneVision orphanage in Haiti…for a day. That’s $300 per child, per month. That’s $18,000 of monthly expenses, times 12, to meet their most basic and necessary needs for a year. Yikes! Impossible.

Yet the Lord has called us to do just that. To reach into our community of brothers and sisters who love the Lord and call once again on our hearts for the orphan, to search for the warriors who will rise up on behalf of these little ones and surmount the impossibilities…with God.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you already know the heart of Katelyn’s Fund is to love the orphan – whatever it looks like. We’ve been so blessed as a ministry to walk with the Lord and watch as He brings our babies home. Our sons and daughters – your sons and daughters – from 38 countries, 43 states, 253 cities. With a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, we have watched him leap across mountains, overcome obstacles, tear down walls, and win victories on the battlefield; for the first 10 years of our growing ministry, we have watched him create families – and what a beautiful sight it has been. 

Yet alongside this incredible splendor, we have had another burning desire, another unquenchable questions stirring in our hearts: what about the ones who may never have a home?

It has been many years in the place of prayer; many years in the place of knocking and asking and seeking; many years in the place of laying out fleeces and following the Lord one small step at a time that has brought us to where we are today: in partnership with an orphanage in HaitiI invite you to visit our website and read our history in this adventure. I invite you to see all the ways the Lord  has moved, all the ways He is moving now, and the ways we eagerly anticipate him to move still.

The heart that brought us here is not new, but the urgency we are facing to help OneVision meet their daily financial needs is new. As of a few months ago, all avenues of financial support that OneVision was receiving were cut off, and Katelyn’s Fund began supplying support as an emergency funder; however, it is not a load we can carry on our own. It is here that we come to you, our family, to our friends, to our brothers and sisters in Christ who love the orphan and have moved by His heart, and ask you to invest deeper still in a field you’ve already been sowing. We’re looking for sponsors, and we’re looking to you.     

Let it be known, when it comes to the gift of raising funds, I consider myself about the least equipped, yet here I am: in the place the Lord has brought me – desperately seeking partnership to meet the needs of this home in Haiti. And as I sit and ask the Lord why, I am reminded again of the mighty ways he uses the weak. He’s chosen me to stand before you, not because of any great skills I have in motivating the financial giver, but because He’s so greatly stirred the mother heart he has placed in me – even before giving Josh and I children of our own – and Oh! What a mother wouldn’t do for her kids.

I invite you into that place with me. That place of hearing the Father’s voice, crying, “My kids. Will you look at my kids? Will you see how much I love them? Will you see how much they’re hurting? Who will come to the aid of my kids?” And if your heart leaps at the sound of that question like I know mine does, I say COME! Join us! Because He wants to use you.
Please visit www.katelynsfund.org/orphanage-sponsorship to read more about our new Sponsorship Program and perhaps consider sponsoring a child.  We would love to have YOU on this journey with us – not only to meet their needs, but also to be a living example of Jesus in declaring, “You are worth fighting for…”

Also, stay tuned on Fridays for Spotlights of our kids! We hope you, too, will fall in love.