It has been too long since I have written a blog post (due to me forgetting to post when I am scheduled!) and I had every intention to post yesterday when I was scheduled! Ahh but life happens and my days are full, in the best way, with 3 small children, college athletes that need to hear the Gospel, a staff team that needs care, and neighbors and a church community to invest in.


As I slow down and sit to write I am thinking about how incredible it is that families not only consider adoption but actually wrestle with what God may be leading them to. I have two families in my life right now that are in this place. There is a sizable gap between the amount of people who say they want to adopt and how many actually adopt. What I am grateful for is that the two couples are wrestling with God about adoption, they are doing more then just considering it. They are open handed and willing to imagine what life would be like if they said yes to a call to adoption. They are imaging the costs involved, the blessings and the changes that will come if God leads and they follow obediently.  I know many outsiders look at them and think they are crazy for even entertaining the idea of adoption, especially the one couple who are newly weds since the adoption need before them young siblings. But I don’t think they are crazy! I commend them for stretching themselves and expanding their view of what God might have for them. I am inspired by their faith that does not lead them to fear but to a place of trust in God and His ability to provide for them all they need.



With my full days and all the great things God has for me in this season of life I want to remain open handed, like these couples, and be willing to say yes to adoption again or any other surprise God might put in my families path.