So often, I think about the former life of my two adopted children.  I think about God’s sovereign hand on them from the moment they were conceived– and even before.  I think about the many times God was faithful to them during the moments and years that they were not in my protection: the moments and situations that God directed when they were only in His protection.  How many miracles and saving wonders has he done in their lives that I will never even know about?

  Friend, if you are in the middle of an adoption and your child is not safely in your arms yet, have PEACE today knowing that they are in the arms of our faithful Father.  

  When I listen to this song by Meredith Andrews I think of our precious babies, the fires and rising waters they have walked through.  Truly God has heard every cry and held every frightened tear.  Every part of their life is under His watchful eye.   Even when their safety is out of our control, they are never forsaken–Not For a Moment.