Life … a beautiful thing.  I again had the privilege of meeting new life that entered the world recently.  The sweet gal who chose adoption for her child walked through the doors of the journey of saying good-bye to her precious child.  She was confident and had no reservations in placing her child in the arms of the adoptive family, but oh, the pain that comes with that choice. 


She shared with me that she had, at one point in her pregnancy, gone to inquire about an abortion.  She was one week over the allowed timeframe in our state to have an abortion … Praise the Lord for that.  A life that was able to come into the world and a momma that had the courage to choose adoption for her child.  I am thankful that our state does not allow late term abortions, but grieve in knowing there are other states where this is allowed.  I am thankful also for this sweet momma that she did not experience the abortion.  I believe (knowing her as I do) she would have had great grief and pain for a long time had she made that choice.  I am confident that she will move through her current grief and I believe that she can be restored even through this.  She wept as she handed over her child and the new parents wept at the receiving of this precious gift.  Thank you families for being on the receiving end of that gift.  Whether your child was born and placed with you through domestic infant adoption, through foster care adoption, or through international adoption … there is much asked of all parties involved.  There is loss in adoption, but there is redemption.  There is pain, but there is healing.  There is sadness, but there is joy.  There is fear, but there is also courage.  Considering it is national adoption month …. Thank you for putting your loss, pain, sadness and fear on the line so that redemption, healing, joy and courage could come forth!  You are all my heroes, along with the sweet children that are involved in this process and precious birth families that are faced with releasing their children.