I was watching a movie recently where the main character in a moment of utter frustration and pain snapped and said to his trainer, “I was a mistake”. This character had been in the US foster care system. As a 20 something man, deep inside he felt he was a mistake. As I heard that line in the movie I started to cry.  I began thinking about how that feeling is real for people. Righteous anger started bubbling up inside me as I thought about how no one should ever have to think that they are a mistake! I thought about how many times a day I tell my children I love them, how many hugs and kisses I give them- too many to count! Every kid should have people in their life that do that, if not their parents then some other adult.  Almost a week after watching the movie I am still thinking about that line, “I am a mistake”.


I am not sure how the Lord will lead next for our family of 5. Thinking of children in the foster care system breaks my heart. Our first 2 adoptions were not through foster care but I am wondering if the Lord will lead us down that tough but redemptive road.  A good portion of my heart wants him to lead us to adopt again. Rescuing another child who I can insure they will not feel like a mistake!  Join me in praying that God will raise up more families to adopt and that children who may feel like a mistake will hear from someone how loved and special they are.