Have you ever just had one of those issues that come up where you are forced into being a momma bear? It is the only way to describe it. You feel like you would stop at nothing to protect your cubs. You would defend to the death if that was needed. Thankfully, most scenarios don’t require that level of response. In my work I see so many children where they didn’t have a momma bear. .. they didn’t have someone to defend to the death. Either their momma couldn’t or she just flat out wouldn’t. Either scenario is so incredibly tragic. Every child deserves to have someone that will defend them … to their own death if needed. Kinda sounds like a “Papa Bear” that we have in our heavenly Father. Jesus defended us to His death. He knew that our salvation depended upon His death. He took all of those lashes, beatings, pain, torture to defend me. He went through that to protect my eternity. He loved me enough to obey His Father and be crucified so that I could live.


Our kids need momma bears … and I need a “Papa Bear” to make it in this life. God has put you in a unique position to protect your cubs. He has given you the resilience and desire along with great ability to defend at all costs. I will never stop loving and protecting my cubs and I know that my Heavenly Father will also never stop loving and protecting me.