Having two daughters born in China – we love to incorporate Chinese holidays when we can!  So this time of year we get all excited about our Mid Autumn Moon Festival.  We have done all different things to celebrate – from fancy to simple.  One year we hung lighted lanterns in the backyard, made our own crab rangoon and other Chinese dishes, bought Moon Cakes, and had our International Student write our names in Chinese Calligraphy for us – all with a bunch of friends over – that was BIG!  But some years we celebrate small – with a simple Chinese meal, a book or two, and a bonfire as we look at the moon.  But one thing we ALWAYS do – we take a holiday that has no Christian traditions and give it our own.  We don't thank the moon god or goddess for anything – we sit around our campfire and thank God for what he has done for us this past year.  We read Psalm 89:35–37 and focus on his great love for us.  Love to give our girls some of their heritage and traditions from their birth country and give our biological sons a taste of another culture as well.  

Here are some of the books we have used in our celebrations:

I asked other adoptive families and came up with some other fun ideas as well – one said they have a "moon picnic" – they take a blanket to a nearby park, eat moon cookies (mexican wedding cookies), and read the story of Chang E. 

What great ideas!!  Please share if you have a tradition of your own!