I just spent some time catching up on the Katelyn’s Fund blog. It’s so important to find community with other families on similar journeys. The adoption journey to be incredibly isolating at times. It’s hard to be real about both the challenges and the blessings. That’s why Niki’s post titled, “tied to the heart and not the cord…” was so meaningful to me.


I’m humbled by Niki’s “realness”; (not her reality. I’ve met Niki, and I know she’s not fake!) Niki’s willingness to share her struggles humbled and blessed me tonight. Adoption presents unique parenting challenges. I have often felt like I’m doing it all wrong or that I’m messing my kids up.


Right now, our kids are doing well. The whole family is doing well. I know another storm is around a bend and I want to tuck NIki’s lesson in my pocket for just such an occasion. The lesson I want to tuck in my pocket is the one that tells me to be real with my struggles; to share with my community and look for help among other Christian parents and with adoption counselors.


One of the most amazing things about reading the blog from top to bottom, was that Niki’s post was followed by Wellon’s post. Yes indeed. God promises that his mercies are new each and every day. Sometimes those mercies are found in the care of his people.