Jesus commands us “to love our neighbors as ourselves” (Matthew 22:39) and if you see someone in need to help them. When we are obedient to these commands it can get messy.  Whenever we are interacting with people it can be messy because people are fallen creators living a fallen world. But Jesus knew this when He gave us the command.  He knew the mess it would be, in fact he was in the mess for 33 years loving people despite it.  I have been reflecting on these commands recently as loving my daughters birthmom is not always socially acceptable or easy.   We have a great open long distance relationship. And her life of poverty and struggles is messy. However, I believe God put us in each others lives for a reason and I have been blessed through my friendship with her.  Her life looks very different than the lives of most of the people in my family and so loving her in her struggles and being obedient to God’s commands is not always what others think is “healthy” or good for my family.


I have chosen to be obedient to Jesus and not cave to the social norms and expectations of others around me. I have chosen after praying for wisdom to enter into the mess because of the promise that joy is found in obedience to God. I have already seen the result of trusting Jesus and loving even when it is not easy. I don’t want to be Christian that is only obedient when it is convenient and fits nicely into my comfortable little world. I want to take Jesus at His words and follow Him whenever He leads me. I have been greatly blessed!