Sometimes I forget. 

How can I forget? How can I forget something so huge? So BIG?
I forget because they are becoming my own. They are becoming part of my heart, forever entwined with mine. And if they are my own, how could they have ever been another’s?
I forget the incredibly, mind boggling sacrifice my children’s first mother made. The sacrifice of breaking her own heart to save her children.
Right now my heart breaks for her.
But tomorrow, as I look at my children…yes, my children…I may forget. Because they are becoming such a part of me, that surely…surely…the must have always been with me.
But that is not so. They were, and still are, her children as well.
And unlike me, she cannot see them every day. She cannot hear their beautiful laughter. She cannot wipe away their tears. She can’t kiss away owies. She can’t receive beautiful pictures. She can’t see their accomplishments. She can’t see them grow from their failures.
She had these things their first few days or years. I have them for the rest of our lives.
How can I ever forget her sacrifice? Her unselfish love? Her broken heart? Her ache for her children’s gain?
That is true love.
Lord, let me ne’er forget.
I also forget, Lord, the magnitude of Your sacrifice for my gain.
That is the ultimate true love.
Lord, let me ne’er forget.