This past week, our youngest son Josiah developed a viral fever.  He could not go to daycare but wasn’t really very sick, t hank goodness.  He stuck close to home with me, or his grandma, or his older brothers so that I could get my work done.  Josiah is very playful and social.  He loves his brothers and he loves to go for walks in the stroller and play with balls and cars.  At 1 1/2 he is a boys’ boy.   He was quite delighted to hang out with his big brothers for a few days and suck on popsicles and eat fruit snacks.


Yesterday he was feeling better and had more energy and we didn’t have much going on so I just started kissing on him.  Kissing and tickling…..and snuggling and loving.  We read some books and sang some songs and did more kissing and touching and giggling and tickling.  It was just me and my wee little man and it was delightful.  Medicinal.  Essential.  Immeasurable.  Delicious.


Today I went to our local prayer room for the morning to work on some charting and documentation for my job…..and the topic was praying for the fatherless and the orphan.  How absolutely perfect.  Of all the topics that could have been high-lighted….on all the days of the week and hours of the day that the prayer room is open…..I got to sit there during this set.  I worked and I listened and I worshipped and I prayed.


I prayed for my children, all of them, and specifically for the 2 youngest who we adopted.  Precious is having a hard time again these days…..our break is over.  I prayed for her and thanked God for her, for her life and her destiny in Jesus, and asked for grace and wisdom and strength to be the best mama possible for her.  I prayed for Josiah, and thanked God for his life and the wonderful story we get to tell about how he joined our family…..and God flashed a picture in my mind as I was praying……of Joe on my lap and I was kissing him and tickling him and he was laughing…..and I could feel the Lord’s pleasure.


It is very important that we invest in our children, for the glory of God.  We must take them to counselling when they are having a hard time, and help them with their homework, and pay for dance lessons or volleyball shoes.  We must figure out discipline as well as nurture.   We must do our best to give them the best life possible, with all the tools they need so that they are equipped for whatever God plans for them….but most of all…..we must invest in their laughter and joy.  Our kisses and tickles found favor with the Lord.  Even on days I fail at the big picture stuff I can manage kisses and tickles and laughter for all of my children in one way or another.  Apparently it is often enough.