We as Christ-followers are called to be influencers. We are called to be set apart and holy (Lev. 20:26, Heb. 10:10) and in doing so influence (Matt. 5:16) the world around us for God’s good.  In my church, we are studying through the bible with a reading plan call Love this Book. I have been challenged again about God’s beautiful design to have His people look different from the other people around them. Different in a way that is intriguing and desirable, a way that leads those far from God to want to draw near us and hear about our God.  We are just beginning this reading plan and are in the section of the Bible where the Israelites are failing to be set apart. They want to be like the cultures around them. And if you read the book of Judges this  desire does not lead them to anything good. I don’t want to be like the Israelites in this way.  


As I take my study of the Bible to my current reality I connect this call from God to be set apart and influencers to being an adoptive mom. In more then one way I am influencing and setting myself apart from majority culture.  As a mom, adoptive or not, I am one of the greatest influencers in my young children lives. I see this daily as they mimic what I say and respond to friends in similar ways to how I respond them.  As an adoptive mom I am influencing the people around me by placing great value on the unborn baby and mothers in hard places. I have chosen a uphill road to walk to bring another child into my family forever.  Having a trans-racial family provides me with lots of opportunities to sit across the table from couples who are considering adoption and share our adoption story.  I see these roles and responsibilities, as an influencer in this arena of adoption and the sanctity of human life, to be great joy producer and humbler in my life.  This are important areas in which I want to be set apart! These are areas that matter deeply for me to rise up and allow God to work through me as He is always looking to do with His people!