I have couple very special girls I would like you to meet on this grand Friday as the weekend draws near. They’re sisters. They’re older. But they still have the one universal need: to love and be loved deeply. Looking at their two pictures today, I hear the Father asking again, “Who will go for me?” Who will show these two beautiful ones that they are worth fighting for?




        Meet Rose Merlande.

Born on September 25, 1992, Rose, at the age of 23, is one of the oldest girls in care at OneVision. Her younger sister Esterline is also in care, and both are facing various obstacles due to special needs. However, Rose is one of the most joyful young women you will ever meet. Her smile is sincere, it is shy, but it is grand, and it can often be seen stretching across her face. Rose is a helper. She helps around the orphanage by assisting the mommies and doing some cleaning. She also helps by washing utensils and passing out dishes for mealtimes. Her favorite color is blue, she’d like to be a Star, and she knows Jesus as her Savior.









        Meet her sister, Esterline.

Born on August 21, 2000, this lovely girl will soon turn 15. As she gets older, there are still so many ways we are praying for her to grow. Her older sister Rose-Mirlande is also in care at OneVision, and both are facing some special needs. Regardless of obstacles, Esterline is still the sweetest of girls. Her favorite color is white, and she loves to jump rope and play house. She would like to be a nurse, one day, and enjoys giving Jesus praise. Esterline is shy and subtle, but she loves deeply and she loves well.






Would you consider sponsoring Rose or Esterline? Check out their profiles, as well as the profiles of many others, here.

“We  care for orphans not because we are rescuers but because we are rescued.” -David Platt