Every day we are a little bit closer to being able to love on and care for each of our kiddos individually. Today I’d like to introduce you to this brother and sister duo.




        Meet Malina.

Although her exact birth date is unknown, Malina is approximately 12 years old and is an incredibly fun little girl. Her brother Miguel is also in care at OneVision. Malina carries joy and always wears a beautiful smile. She is contagiously bubbly, and loves being delighted in. Her favorite color is rose, she enjoys math, and likes to sing and play with the other kids. She finds much delight in being fancy and enjoys wearing nice clothes, such as dresses. She hopes one day to be a singer and perform for a crowd. It is our prayer that the joy in her would spill over like a mighty, rushing waterfall and she would come to know, full well, the prize that she is in the Father’s eyes.








        Meet her brother, Miguel.

Born on May 23, 2005, Miguel is a spunky, energetic 10 year old boy. He loves to make people laugh and is always searching for new tricks to play or silly things to do. Miguel can always be counted on for a variety of well-practiced, hilarious facial expressions that can crack a smile on any face. He is very outgoing and radiates joy. He plays soccer and likes to run; he claims to be the fastest! His favorite color is white, his favorite animal is a lion, and his favorite subject is French. He hopes to be accountant when he’s older. His sister, Malina, is also in care at OneVision. All in all, Miguel is one of those kid you can’t help but smile and be happy when he is around. His joy quickly becomes your joy.






While worlds different, these two still share many similarities. They are both kind and caring, shy yet incredibly creative. They take care of each other and love each other well, and we are so delighted to care for and love them well in return.


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“We  care for orphans not because we are rescuers but because we are rescued.” -David Platt