I’m the one.

I’m the kid that made them change the rules, and now your kids can no longer bring PB&J to school.

I’m allergic to peanuts.

I’m the one.

I’m the kid that’s not so good at sports.  I’m the kid that missed one too many balls and we lost the game.  You know, the one that other parents are talking about?  If only I didn’t play?

I’m not so good at sports.

I’m the one.

I’m the kid that doesn’t have any baby pictures.  No one took any pictures of me.  I made it so we can’t have that cute slide show at graduation.

I have no pictures.

I’m the one.

I’m the kid in the pageant that everyone is staring at.  It’s hard for me to concentrate.  It’s hard for me to stand still.  Your child is the star and still everyone is looking at me.

I have Down Syndrome.

Which one are you?

One in a million.  These are one in a million kids.  Worth a million.  No, scratch that. 


I’m not for minority to rule majority. I’m not saying that.

But these are kids.  One in a million kids. 



Let’s show it to the world, and be a reflection of the One.