I just wanted to share a picture book with you today that will resonate with us as adoptive parents and will also make our little ones smile and cuddle a little closer.  A book is such a great way to open doors to talk more openly about our stories – and this one is no exception.  I Wished for You by Marianne Richmond is sweet and yet so powerful.  It is the tender story of a little bear asking his mommy bear to share with him again the story of how she wished for him.  She goes into what it was like waiting for him, what it was like to imagine what he'd be like, and even going up to when they got him – even though he looked differently – how he adds so much to their family!  I do LOVE this book  and highly recommend it!  What a great way to open that door for yet another wonderful conversation on how God places each of these little ones in our homes for a big purpose!