I recently gave a talk titled Hurtin’ for Certain to a group of college athletes that attended our ministries, Ultimate Training Camp in Boston. In this principle talk, that teaching Biblical truths and can be applied to sport and to life, I didn’t have to spend much time convincing the audience that trials will come. We all have experienced the brokenness of the world. It is easy to look at our past, and the lives around us and see the results of sin.  This world is not as it ought to be!

When I think about those who enter into the adoption community, brokeness is present in deep and scarring ways. For adoptive families we are choosing to enter into the brokenness of another world. I believe it is important for us to remember the Truths of God’s Word as we volunteerly step into the suffering of families.

Here are a 7 of the key points I shared with our camp athletes that will help adoptive families as well.

  1. Satan is the author of suffering and his mission is to kill, steal and destroy (1 Peter 5:8) however, his power is limited even though his influence is great.  Jesus has conquered him at the cross and will one day come and bring him to an end.
  2. Suffering happens. It is complex and often the reasons for it are not understood.
  3. As christians we do not try to avoid or manage suffering but learn to lean into God when we encounter it!
  4. It’s all about our response to suffering. We need to trust in God’s sovereignty remembering that he never leaves us and nothing happens to us that hasn’t past through his hands.
  5. God’s ways are not our ways (Isaiah 55:8,9) and He is able to make all things work together for good ( as defined by God and not us! Romans 8:28)
  6. We have to choose to get better and not bitter, release the pain and not seek revenge, and meditate on God’s Word instead of self medicate to heal the pain.
  7. Remember that God is the perfect one who can redeem suffering and better us in process.

As I rest in God’s sovereignty I can look at the days ahead, that will inevitably have suffering in them, and have peace because I know God will be with me in it and see me through it.


Enjoy this inspiring video that demonstrates God’s attributes of deep care, strength, help and compassion as you watch this Olympian face his trial of suffering in the 1992 Olympics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZlXWp6vFdE