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One of the ways I have been spending my Christmas break has been with my nose in this book!  This is an interesting read that opens up the theory of multiple intelligences.  It is always fascinating as a home-educator and also as a mom, to discover how each of my children learn, think, and interact with the world differently, as well as understanding a few more things about myself!

This book explains eight different “smarts” that we all obtain, some being our great strengths, others our weaknesses.  Dr. Koch teaches parents how to encourage their children to use their strengths in a way that glorifies God and gives tips on how to help them in the struggles that often accompany each strength.  She teaches how to awaken and enhance different intelligences that your children may be weak in.  This is especially significant to those of us who have adopted older children whose minds were not stimulated in a variety of ways during their younger years.  Sometimes they just need some opportunities to awaken a hidden “smart!”

If you have a child who struggles in the school setting or has some difficult behavior patterns, you might find some priceless nuggets in the pages of this book.  If your child is convinced that they just aren’t smart because a letter on a report card won’t improve, they’re probably hard-wired to be smart in a different way or just need some help finding a studying approach that works for them.  This book might be just what you need to give your child a new sense of confidence in the person God made them to be.