Today we said, Happy Birthday to our daughters, Elizabeth and Katelyn, one I whispered it in her ear as she climbed into our bed early this morning and the other I whispered into His ear for her. It has been 6 years since the twins were born and such unspeakable joy entered into our lives, it has also been nearly 6 years since Katelyn has been celebrating in His arms. This day has been and seems to always be bittersweet for us. A celebration in different ways, one with the physical kiss to our little one and one that is yet to come. A friend dropped a note today with a single yellow rose saying, “Praising God for Katelyn’s and Elizabeth’s lives today!  Look what He has done through them both!” We do praise Him for His shelter, His grace, His new mercies each and every day, that His promises are true and are eternal. We praise Him that He creates new legacies and generations in His beloved children and that He can see so far beyond where we can whisper. Happy Birthday girls, we love you.