Tonight I have an urge to veer off in a different direction on the Katelyn’s Fund blog, and I hope there are no objections to my detour.  I tend to over-explain most of the moves I make in life, and this is no exception.  This post comes with some trepidation because I fear isolating parents and families who cannot relate.  Instead of living in a spirit of fear, though, I’m looking at this as an opportunity for anyone to join in with responses and feedback specific to your own adoption journey.  Perhaps my fellow blogging cohorts will be inspired to write their own family-specific follow-ups to this entry.

Our Continental flight lifted effortlessly into the air surrounding Guatemala City and the robust 22-month-old toddler in my arms simultaneously drifted off to dreamland.  I stared out the window at the mist tickling mountaintops all around and began to cry.  The weight of this resposibility was enormous — not just attempting to parent a 4th child, but vowing to instill a love for our son’s birth country as best we could from thousands of miles away.

The weaving of cultures is serious business — but it can also be a whole lot of fun!  Over and over we challenge ourselves to learn more, to talk more, to share more with our kids.  I have actually said prayers of thanks to our genius Creator for the gift of internet connections!  I can access information around the earth from right in my own little kitchen.

For anyone whose heart belongs to Guatemala (or at least a portion of it) I’ve prepared a list of my favorite related websites — sites that have helped me to incorporate more of this lovely culture into our every day lives.  May you be inspired to go forth (in fuzzy slippers with your laptop lights a-blazing) and conquer!  Read, learn, shop, and share with your family a little more about Guatemala every day.

  • Antigua FC – New Jersey bakery specializing in authentic Guatemalan sweet bread and hot chocolate mix.  Our favorites are the "conchas".  Shipping is quick, items are well-packaged, and these are wonderful treats for special occasions.
  • Antigua Daily Photo Blog – A blogger in Antigua, GT writes almost daily about holidays, celebrations, and every day life in this beautiful historic city.  He often provides authentic recipes, and his photos are beautiful.
  • Guatemala Blog – News (in English) blog from Guatemala
  • Guatadopt – Adoption forum and website.  Wonderful resources for keeping up on adoption news in Guatemala.
  • Mayan Treasures – Shopping site.  Order directly from Guatemala.  Beware:  shipping is costly and slow, but the items are worth it.
  • UPAVIM – Another shopping site, which assists Guatemalan women to acquire vocations and earn income.  Great shipping rates.