I was sucked in by the story of Abraham and Isaac again today.  This account of a father and son nearly always brings me to tears, if you’ve read it in Genesis 18-22 you’ve probably been moved by it too.

    Here is a man who has finally seen the promise of God show up in his life in the form of a loved, only son.  Those of us who have adopted may understand the feeling of waiting, longing, wondering, and finally seeing the fruition.  And then God tells Abraham the unthinkable–take your only son, whom you love, and sacrifice him to me.

    Abraham has apparent immediate obedience and takes action. While the alter is being made, his innocent and unsuspecting son asks him where the lamb for the sacrifice is. Abraham boldly tells him, “God will provide the lamb for an offering.”  

     As Abraham raises the knife to sacrifice his only son–whom he loves, God abruptly stops him and tells him to put the knife down.  

This is what really gets me….

     Later in God’s love story to us, the harm He prevents Abraham from doing to his son, He then allows to be put upon His only Son, whom He loves–  Jesus, sacrificed for my sin and yours. —God will provide the lamb.