This week I’ve been pondering one of the incredible blessings of adoption ~ friendships!  I’m praising God for the many relationships we wouldn’t have but for adoption.  Some are families we’ve traveled with to bring our seven children home.  Some follow our blog.  Some have children with the same medical needs.  Some have children the same age.  Some have children from the same orphanage.  Some allow us to pray for them, and some encourage us through thick and thin. 

We’ve been blessed to visit families on our way to special appointments, and families have stopped in to chat with us when they’re passing through.  Today when we travel to see our cleft lip/cleft palate doctor we will have lunch with another mama of children adopted as teens.  What an awesome fellowship that will be!  Next month when we visit Shriner’s Hospital for spina bifida, we will stay with a family we met in China two years ago.  I can’t wait for that reunion!  And then there are the precious friends on my contact list – you know, the ones I can text when I have an immediate prayer request.  What a privilege to encourage one another. 

It truly is one of the miracles of adoption!