I heard a pastor say that worship is the obedient response to what God reveals.  God is amazing and faithful at revealing Himself to us in so many ways.  Just tonight as I was rocking my newly home four year old, I felt God showing a little bit more of himself to me.  She should have been laying her head down, but I was too enamored in her giggles and joy to enforce anything serious.  The warmth and closeness of those moments tell me a little bit more about my Father–and it causes me to worship.

   2 Corinthians chapter 3 says that when we turn to Christ the veil that has shrouded our understanding is taken away; and we with unveiled faces can see and reflect the glory of the Lord.  AMAZING.  He reveals this to us…as much as we can take at one time.

   The reality is that God’s glory is like the ocean—and here I stand with a small, leaky cup.  There is no way I can receive everything of God in one sitting.  If he poured it all out for me it might look something like trying to drink in the Pacific or maybe like that scene from UHF where little Joe gets to drink from the fire hose.  Instead, I have to be a steward of the little cup I have been given.  I need to present it to him daily,  renewing myself in his presence and his word.  “Lord, fill my cup.”   When he fills it by speaking to my heart and revealing himself to me, worship will spring out.