Our first adopted child joined us as the fourth child in our family.  When we told our parents/siblings we were adopting, there were questions and doubts.  Many had a story of someone who had adopted a child who ruined their life, was a “black seed”….(oh my word)……and we had to stand firm and with conviction tell our family that our decision to adopt came from a call from the Lord and a long season of prayer and discussion……..

God moved us again to sit with Him and pray and study and question whether we should adopt again…..and this met with even more adversity and disapproval.  How could we consider doing this again?  the financial burden?  the emotional burden…(.blah blah blah).  As if we had not thought of all of this……and so again, we tried to humbly and respectfully say that this decision was not a whim or an impulse….but born…Of….God….and we had said yes to His call.

It is hard to not receive hugs and cheers and affirmation when these announcements are made.  It is hard because we already hear the doubt and fear in our own heads…..but to see it reflected in brothers, sisters, moms and dads is collapsing and dismantling to our resolve.  Can we all try hard to not be that voice?   Can we try to be encouraging and affirming and helpful?


So here we are again……on the verge of another decision to be willing to say “yes” to a child and welcome him into our home….and because of the last two responses I find myself spending way too much time forming words and phrases and plans that will allow us to share this news with family and friends……and not see someone storm out of the room or be disgusted and angry…..


I’m writing this because this, too, is the truth of adoption.  Ugly, raw, fearful truth.  Not everyone gets excited when God stirs you to welcome a child home.  This child may not come home to us….but we are preparing to position ourselves to the yes if it comes to that and that, friends, is a terrifying place to be.  Pray for us, will you?  And for him.  Mostly for him.


He is 10 years old and has known more pain and loss than most people I know.  He is hurting.  He doesn’t have hope….yet.  At the very least, we want to be part of his hope and his blessing…..at most, we could become his family.  We don’t have what we need for this…..and that little cliche that says God doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called…..well…..I’m putting some faith in that one.  Pray for him most of all.  We can weather the storms of disapproval and financial hardship and emotional exhaustion….we’ve had a bit of training.  He hasn’t yet had a season of hope and promise and expectation.  I feel God stirring to give him that much.