Well, I missed my blog day on Friday and I have something today….so I’m writing now.  Sorry.  I’m not really very punctual.  Or worried about it.  I’m seldom late without a good reason.  Friday was adoption therapy, then trying to fix the dining room fan with my husband, then lunch and a melt-down or two…then the homecoming parade and the welcome home of all of my kids for the weekend….so, yeah.  Oh, and then the in-laws came.  


Three days after our youngest son came (rather unexpectedly) I was walking out of church with him.  A few people asked about the baby in my arms as we left in the pouring rain that spring Sunday….one family walked out with us because their car was parked near ours.  I explained we were sort of unofficial foster parents/glorified baby-sitters for him for awhile and they said, ‘please let us help if we can”…and so I did.  I needed help the next week….then the  week after that…..and the third week when I picked him up there was a new diaper bag and some clothes and toys for him.  They also decided to just buy an inexpensive stroller to keep at their home for when he came…..and I felt so blessed.  We have supportive family and friends, but here was someone else, an entire family, who God placed right in the right place and time for us.  They live less than 2 blocks away from me.  They have fallen head over heels for our little guy.  When it was decided that we would adopt him and not just keep him for a bit, they became our fierce supporters and encouragers.  They continued to offer to help with him once in awhile, and to be invested in him….his little self, as a person all his own.  He has this family who cares for him….and it makes my heart squeeze tight when I think of it.  It just sort of happened in the way that God works things out.  Quietly but very intentionally.  


Today she asked me, again, in church, if I needed help this week.  I told her I needed to get home and think it through….but I know she meant it.  It wasn’t just nice words.  Awhile ago I texted her with some options and we came up with a plan for a block of time I really needed help with later in the week and she could do.  I responded with this, “Thank you.  You came into my life at just the right time.”  her response was “I think  you came into my life at just the right time.  :)”  and that’s how it is.


Katelyn’s Fund is trying to be intentional about matching adoptive families with supportive families in their local area and I can say this.  God agrees with it.  It is good.  I hope more and more families who are bringing kids home can have the experience of connecting with a new family that just wants to help and bless…..and someday…..I hope I get to be the family who does that, too.