Today the election has come and gone.  Whether you are pleased or disappointed with the outcome, we know our God never waivers and his calling for us stays the same!
Voting for our government is a great opportunity, and does change things to some extent, but not as much as getting involved ourselves.
 If we want a government that clothes the poor and needy, let’s get out there and volunteer in community outreach, donate food to our neighbors, or help pay their rent. If we want a government that provides jobs, let’s find someone to mentor and pour our experience into them.
 If we want a government that honors life, let’s volunteer at crisis pregnancy centers or get involved with adoption.
It is not the job of the government to do the work of the people.  We have to start picking up the slack and taking care of our fellow citizens.  So cast your vote with confidence, but then don’t wait for the President or legislators to do something–we have to first do it ourselves.
—Micah Gitlin