In the four years our family has been in the adoption process, we have prayed that the Lord would work in our children’s hearts to teach them about what it means to love others, to care for orphans, to welcome new siblings into our home. Adoption is a part of our daily life and, as our now-five-year-old twins were just 15 months old when we began the process, they truly have never known a time when we haven’t been preparing for the Lord to grow our family through adoption. While we are always mindful for how to balance this with the (challenge!) gift of living for today and not always looking to the next thing, we have seen small ways that our children do truly start to think of others, look outside themselves, because of this process.


Yesterday, Fitz had the idea to have a cookie and lemonade sale for the kids in Congo. We had a great time making homemade cookies and lemonade, making a poster, gathering supplies and headed to the park (amidst the drizzling rain) for a “free cookies and lemonade–donations welcome” sale:) And would you believe that they raised $94 to send to Congo!? The cost of electricity and water for the month at Mwana Home from just a few short hours of FUN and thoughtfulness. I hope you’ll consider ways that you can involve your kids in creative ways to be thinking of others!