I so appreciate Garet and Teresa Wyatt’s blog post June 9th titled “Roger”.  It reminded me of the valuable things in life. It put back in focus that my job as a parent is not to raise a highly successful millionaire, or an all-star athlete, or even the greatest missionary of all time. What matters most is not the talents, skills, or abilities of my children but who or what they choose to worship and serve.   And that is a choose that even young children can make. 

We have just finished our homestudy for our 2nd adoption. This 3rd child will be blessing from the Lord- no matter what!  While we wait for this child to come into our lives the endless possibilities of where he/she will come from, what trama he/she may have experienced in the womb, what genetic make up he/she will have and all the other unknowns could take over my thoughts. This baby will be the result of some poor choices and born to a woman in crisis. This is all the result of the fallen world we live in but, by God’s grace this baby will be adopted into our family.  I believe fully that this birth mother will have an encounter with Jesus in answer to our prayers and her life will forever be changed by her brave selfless choice of adoption.   And, so I choose to think on the endless redemptive possibilities of how God may work and be glorified through our humble obedience to the call to adopt again!