Ps. 127:3 “Children are a gift from the Lord..”

As a parent I get first hand knowledge of this Truth.  I get to see the joy on my 3 little kiddo’s faces when they learn something new. I see the pride in their eyes when they grow a little taller and can reach the faucet on the sink! I get to see the sweet innocence in their sad face when they get their feelings hurt or feel disappointment. I get the cuddles before bed and when they rise each morning. I feel the awesomeness of this verse each day! But, with this gift of children I also feel a deep conviction.  A conviction that I was not taught and I am not sure was even modeled to me.  A conviction I believe is from the Lord and I can’t help but respond to. That this gift I have been given in my children needs to be shared!  My children are not just for my delight but for others in my world as well. I do not say this because I think my kids are extra special, not at all, but all children have something to offer us adults. Jesus pointed to children when He told his followers what it means to follow him (Matt. 18:1-6).  Children are able to meet our need for physical touch and affection. Children make us laugh at their little voices and funny behaviors. They have a way of showing us another perspective on just about anything.  Jesus has told us that we are blessed to be a blessing. He has entrusted us with much to steward. For me, my children are one of the most precious gifts I’ve been given to steward.   Remembering this often helps me keep my identity separate from my role as a mother. Remembering my job is to raise up my children to become independent adults.  Remembering all the gifts I have been given, my children at the top, are to be shared and to be used as a blessing unto others. This motivates me to let many people into my children’s lives, sharing them with as many people as I can.



This truth is on my heart today as I am in the middle of serving on a summer project. My children are being loved on by 10 college athletes and 10 other staff members. I am seeing first hand how the gift I have been given can be passed along to others.  Enjoy these pictures of my youngest giving out cuddles to all who ask for a hug.

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