It is the wee hours of the morning and I have been evicted from my bed by my son, who at first sneaks in and cuddles with me, then slowly pushes me off towards the edge of the bed. After a while of fighting this as well as being spurned on by the whines of my ravenous dachshund, I reluctantly get up and start my day.

Now, as I sit at the computer thinking about what to blog, I am facing writers block. I have no great words of wisdom that are coming to mind. I can only get half-thoughts connecting my stories to lessons learned. Even the lessons from the Scriptures seem to be eluding me today. But in some ways, that is alright.
Being a member of this great adoptive community, we do all we can to prepare ourselves for the twists and turns that life may throw at us. As if parenting in itself was not complex enough, we add further to this volatile cocktail by adding the components of race and personal history. But more oft than naught, we don’t know what to say or do. We just have to place our trust in God, step up to the edge of this pool that is life, put aside all of the questions that are racing through our minds, and jump. Sometimes we will get in over our head, sometimes we will bump the sides, sometimes we will float lazily, sometimes our little floaties will deflate. But we are now in the pool.
Life is like that. 7 years ago my wife and I were standing on the edge of pool of adoption, pondering what to do next, wondering if the pool that we were about to jump in was hot or cold, if it was deep or shallow, who else was in the pool. But we jumped in. And even though the pool is ever changing, God has brought more people to the pool, and we are having fun riding the ups and downs of the waves.
As my daughter loves to sing, “Glory in the highest to you, Lord”.