I'm a visual person. I like to teach with visuals, and I like to be taught with visuals. So when I read my devo this morning, it really resonated with me. Not just because it was relevant, but also because it was visual. The author shared an illustration of a burial. It could be an offense, a burden, a hurt.

taking a shovel and digging a hole. make it really deep. then toss thething into the hole. go ahead, toss it!

then bury the thing. (remember, it's deep.) keep shoveling the dirt on top.
next, plant beautiful, blooming flowers on top of the now buried thing.
finally, swiftly run away and don't look back!
What a pertinent image for the verse, "Love covers over all wrongs."

Is your hurt too deep?
The offense too big?
The burden too heavy?
Bury it!
I'm reminded of how many of my wrongs God has buried …and then brought forth new life.
Lord, help me bury the things in my life, and please turn them into something that glorifies YOU.