A friend of our family is a self-taught musician and song-writer. One of his songs is titled “Blessings Abound“. I love this song because it reminds me that I have such an abundance of blessings from my heavenly Father. He daily lavishes these blessings upon me and yet, most times, I take them for granted. So I want to list a very few of the many blessings that abound daily in this life that God has given me:


Days that my family wakes up healthy and without pain

Hot coffee to drink while I read the Bible before the kids begin to awake

My husband and our marriage

My husband’s job

Food for breakfast

A local grocery store

A warm house

Eyes that see and ears that hear

God’s Word in my own language

Clothes to wear

A working washing machine and dryer

Christian radio that reaches our little town

Google Translator on my phone

Each of my 12 children, my daughter-in-law, and grandson

Friends that smile at me

Pets and pet food

Extended family that are willing and able to come visit us

God’s Son, and grace, and mercy, …


Wishing your a beautiful Thanksgiving celebration with an increasing awareness of God’s abundant blessings!!