As I turn the corner from 2014 to 2015 there have been a few significant things happening in my life.  Under the category of general parenting but also to include adoption musings and possibly openness and foster care…..


In November, we added a German Shephard pup named Lexi to the family.  Last year I did some research regarding behavior/therapy dogs and decided it was worth considering for our family.  To get a dog already trained is costly and my vision was more of a smart, intuitive companion that was large and soft and affectionate.  German shephards are among the smartest of dog breeds and a local family raises them and breeds them so when the litter was born mid-September, I was interested.  I coined this pursuit my mid-life crisis because it is not very rational or affordable or sensible, given the chaos of our every day life.  Calling it a mid-life crisis allowed critical family and friends to keep opinions to themselves regarding my decision to add a second dog to our family of 5 kids and 2 fish.  (One fish spent Christmas in heaven this year so we are down to 1 fish, thank you very much)   I have one son and one daughter who both have focus and attention trouble and are both anxious worriers by nature.  I had hopes that this “therapy dog” would be good for both of them, as well as a beloved pet to the home.  I now have a “German Shepharding Hobby” because caring for this little pup who grows every day is a task, and a joy, and a challenge.  That is the definition of a hobby is it not?  She chews and she has accidents and she sometimes bites with her sharp baby teeth but she is also adorable and smart and very desperate to please me.  She has become my companion and is earning the honor of my confidante as time goes one.  It makes me wonder who this dog was actually intended for… or my stressed out kiddos.  Hm.


God nudged me to take a more serious look at growing in the fruit of His Spirit……about the same time as Lexi came home to us……and for a few months I did a weekly “fruit fast” and prayed for an increase in His Fruit……and a gifting of more of all of the fruit…..but then it seemed he was saying to me something like this……..Daughter, you have fasted and you are receiving by the example of physical fruit but your body and your mind both belong to me.  Your heart and your soul do as well……so accept this season of life I am leading you into with a feisty puppy and some challenges ahead… the next challenge and opportunity to gain deeper and more sustainable fruit of My Spirit…….so I let go of the weekly fruit fast and I jumped into this path He has me on.  I can see myself changing and gaining ground in His Fruit……and I praise God for his generosity even in the hard times.


Both of these new developments have come about because of a deeper seed planted in me that could include adopting again…….or it could include going back to school for advanced practice degrees in my fields of passion (infants, children, parenting, mental health and wellness)….and/or writing about any or all of the topics that make my heart pound…….and/or public speaking about any or all of it…..but I just have to admit (category:  openness)that the Potter has taken up his wheel again, and he is calling me clay……


In other seasons, when He called me clay I was worried about what was coming next and what He was up to……..I’m older now.  Seasoned.  Willing.  Eager, even.  Nothing he calls me to is easy but it is always, always good.